Corporate Event Planner

Corporate Event Planner


A Corporate Event Planner Within Reach

Your boss was impressed with that pancake bash you organized to celebrate the release of your company's latest product. She loved how you took the code word for the project ("buttermilk") and turned it into a reason for everyone from R&D to shipping to come together. Everyone particularly enjoyed the pancake flipping contest. Morale was high and tummies were full. Now the corporate office wants to throw a big product launch party, and your boss appointed you as the point of contact for your branch. Suddenly, you've gone from having a few laughs with 73 people over pancakes to corporate event planner for almost 2000 employees from 4 states!

You have to think of a centrally-located and impressive venue, menus, displays, logistics for dealing with that many people, keeping the company message front and center, and most importantly: keep it all within budget. You really need a corporate event planner, but you're not sure it will fit within the budget. Beads of sweat start forming on your nose and you wonder if you should start tweaking the old resume. To that, we say: Relax!

You can get top corporate event planners in Washington D.C. who will help you create a one-of-a-kind, stunning corporate event that will have the president of the company grinning from ear to ear on the plane home—all within budget! Our tailor-made corporate event planning services fit exactly what you need. We never force our clients to jam themselves into a pre-boxed theme of any kind. Each client's needs are different, and we thrive on creating unique, flawless corporate events that bring our clients' visions to life, all within budget.

We here at The Event Group International can literally plan the entire shindig for you. Tell us about your vision, and our team of corporate event planners will create it, right down to the last bird of paradise napkin. If you need a more economical solution, we can do that too. If you're up for doing the legwork, but need help creating the vision and finding fantastic solutions that fit your budget, our team is ready. If you have most of the event under control, but find there are pesky areas that give you headaches, let us handle them. And on the day of the event, you can sit back and enjoy watching your vision unfold while we handle the day-of logistics.

Here at The Event Group International, we can even bring your corporate event to life whether your company is located in Washington D.C., or not. Through our innovative web portal, we have helped businesses big and small to plan fantastic events across the country. Check out our testimonials page to see how widespread our reach is! No matter where your event is, we update you on every development, exchange ideas and keep on schedule and within budget.

So give us a call today and stop stressing out! We can make corporate event planning a cinch. We can help you plan a corporate event that will get you a standing ovation on banquet night!