Wedding Planner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Since launching The Event Group International in 1992, Tanya Wilbon and her skilled staff have proudly served the Pittsburgh region. Tanya has dedicated her life to chasing her passion for planning breathtaking, extraordinary weddings and events for clients all around the world. Since each of our custom-tailored events is as original and unique as our different customers themselves, we guarantee that yours will be carried out with exceptional organization, meticulous planning, and unmatched excellence.

Our respected business is regarded as the best local and destination wedding planners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our local company is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, so we are well-equipped to manage every facet of your big day from beginning to end. Your meticulous wedding planner will pay close attention to details big and small, ensuring that every aspect of your vision is brought to life. Our outstanding team is made up of the friendliest, most dedicated professionals you’ll ever work with. We promise that both you and your guests will always cherish the wonderful memories made at your special, beautiful event.

Wedding Planning Services

We would first like to congratulate you on your engagement because this is such an amazing and significant time for you and your fiancé! If you’re unsure where to start with your wedding preparations, all you need to do is choose the best wedding company to help you get started. With the aid of our exceptional wedding planners in Pittsburgh, STAB, you’re sure to have the wedding of your dreams.

Unmatched Service, Creativity, and Passion

At The Event Group International, we will not be outdone! We believe that every couple deserves to have a special and unforgettable day, so we treat every wedding as if it were our own. With our assistance, the big day will be all about expressing your love and being present. We will assist you in selecting a gorgeous wedding rental space in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, handle any unforeseen circumstances or logistical challenges, and guide you through the process of selecting every last detail to ensure that your ideal wedding is a total success. We have a strong sense of passion, limitless innovation, and unmatched customer service. We’ll prove to you that choosing TEGI was the best thing you could’ve done for your wedding. Allow us to assist you in having a stress-free wedding filled with enjoyment, memory-making, and relaxation.

Custom-Tailored Wedding Planning

As experienced local wedding planners, we work hard to exceed your expectations and are always looking for ways to improve even further. In contrast to other wedding companies that provide generic, cookie-cutter services, we tailor every aspect of each celebration. Your wedding will be a genuinely unique occasion. We’ll customize your wedding to match your unique tastes, from choosing the most stunning tablescapes, delectable cuisines, and statement-making florals to viewing the greatest wedding venues in Pittsburgh, STAB, and more. If you require a destination wedding planner, our staff can help. From out-of-country or out-of-state weddings to local events, our staff will give you and your guests a five-star experience you’ll never forget.

Exquisite Events for Any Budget

The question, “How much is a wedding planner?” is one that we frequently get. We won’t ever make you feel obligated to go over your spending limit because we appreciate your need to stay within it. You can count on us to help you through each step of the planning process and design a wedding that not only adheres to your budgetary restrictions but also reflects your individual style. Because every couple has a different wedding budget and set of goals, wedding expenses can vary substantially. Our creative wedding planners know how to get the biggest bang for your buck, so we’ll provide you with options to get the look you want for the prices you need. We’re also expert negotiators, so we can work with vendors to minimize costs wherever possible. We provide comprehensive planning for a wedding in Pittsburgh, STAB.

Weddings and Events to Remember

We want your wedding day memories to be filled with nothing but love and happiness. Thanks to our distinctive methodology, we are genuinely a one-of-a-kind force in the wedding planning sector. There won’t be any rushing, stressing, or worrying on the day of your wedding or event since we’ll take care of every detail and potential contingency. Whether you’re planning a small, private ceremony with close family, a big, elaborate blowout with all your friends, a baby shower, a business event, an anniversary celebration, a charity gala, or something completely different, you can be confident that The Event Group International is the best choice for your event. We guarantee that your wedding or event will be the best day ever!

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