Top Wedding Planners in DC

You're planning a wedding! He finally popped the question! You were out for a quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant, when you looked up from your grilled salmon to notice that he was looking at you with a nervous little smile. All of a sudden, he was down on bended knee, and everyone was staring at you! Your heart was about to explode! You didn't even notice the waiter moving toward you with a bottle of champagne. All you could say was "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

A few days later, reality sets in. You're planning a wedding! Your head starts spinning all over again. You have to find the dress! The cake! The flowers! The venue! The music! How are you going to keep Aunt Edna from knocking people over to catch the bouquet? You got up at 4 a.m. to watch Kate and Prince William tie the knot at Westminster Abbey, and you know they had an army of top wedding planners marching from one end of the world to the other for them. You start feeling dizzy.

Please sit down, take a deep, cleansing breath, and remember what your wedding is all about: It's about building a life with the one you love. Do not let wedding planning headaches turn you into a bridezilla. You don't need a million bucks and a royal beau to get a top wedding planner to make your special day one to remember. You just need to pick up the phone and call us!

At The Event Group International, we've become one of the top wedding planners in the D.C. area because of our simple philosophy: an extraordinary wedding should be in reach for everyone, and not just the elite few. We do not force our clients to conform to a specific approach or package… it's your event, your way. So whether you're at a loss about where to begin, or whether you've been dreaming about your wedding since you were six, we can help. You can have us handle the whole thing, or just the parts of it that give you headaches. We are endlessly creative, can work with any budget, and are sticklers for every detail. We are here for you!

Speaking of being here, we are proud to be your team of top wedding planners, regardless of geography. Although we are located in the Washington D.C. metro area, we have helped couples all over the United States and abroad, to create magical, unique, flawless weddings that represented each couple's special tastes and backgrounds. Just take a look at our testimonials page to see how far flung our happy couples are! Through our unique and secure website portal, we can manage the entire wedding and all of the details, always keeping in close contact with you so that we can share ideas, extensive vendor lists, schedules, and all of the other details as the planning process progresses.

So if you are planning a wedding, relax and give us a call. You really can afford a top wedding planner. Our passion is helping you make your wedding dreams a reality. So stop stressing out, and enjoy this special time in your life without all the headaches. Together, we can help you create your one-of-a-kind dream wedding!

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