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Top Event Planners


The Top Event Planners at The Event Group International are Ready for Your Event!

Here at the Event Group International, we are constantly talking about the latest trends in weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, grand openings, anniversaries—not just because it’s what we do for a living, but because we believe every day is a special event! Every day has something to celebrate! Maybe it’s just us, but we are sensing a lot of creative energy in the air for this year’s event planning trends!

Top Event Planners Talk Wedding and Party Trends

Although we are certainly not slaves to trends, it is always fun to keep an eye out for new, fresh ideas in the art of party and wedding design so that we can provide our clients with unique ideas to suit their tastes, style and vision. So if you are planning a wedding or other event and need something to spark your imagination, these are just a few of the vibes our top event planners have been sensing lately:

Delicious Treats: Lately, the gorgeous giant wedding cake (and we love gorgeous giant wedding cakes) has given way to everything from cake pops and delicately decorated petit fours to whoopee pies and designer cupcakes. The bite-size trend is also extending from the desserts to the rest of the party meal with a stunning array of savory and exotic hors d'oeuvres that, in some cases, are replacing regular sit-down dinners. As top event planners, we are constantly on the lookout for tasty new ways to satisfy you and your guests!

Monochrome Be Gone: In past years, bridesmaids dresses, invitations and wedding decorations focused on a combination of one or two colors. And although the trend for letting the bridesmaids mix it up has been coming on for some time, it’s really starting to take off now. And instead of solid colors, our top event planners are seeing more bold patterns, prints and designs in a multitude of colors. The idea is to convey a couple’s personality, excitement and above all, joy. Even grooms are shrugging off the classic tuxedo for a variety of suits, ties and classy, but more casual attire. On the other end of the spectrum, lace, long sleeves and classic elegance ala Kate Middleton continue to be popular nearly a year after the Royal Wedding.

Fantastic Corporate Meetings from Your Top Event Planners

While corporations have had to tone down the scale of many corporate events over the last few years as budgets were tightened, our top event planners have also noticed an uptick in corporate event planning activities over the past few months, but with some important changes:

Budget Conscious and Creative: This is where our top event planners excel. Re-energizing your work force doesn’t have to cost a lot to make a difference. We have a myriad of great ideas for venues and activities that will inspire, relax and refocus your team, but without going over budget. We also tailor our services to what you need instead of selling you a pre-packaged deal. This level of customization puts a uniquely-tailored, budget-friendly, and always outstanding corporate event in your hands.

Technology: Our creative, detail-oriented team is ready to put technology to work for your corporate event also. Every aspect of your event can be planned, discussed and implemented through our amazing web portal, regardless of geographical location!

So no matter what kind of event you have in mind for this spring or summer, we are ready with thousands of creative ideas to turn your event vision into an amazing reality. And we never rest until we are sure that you are enthralled with the results! Contact our top event planners today and let’s put your vision in motion!